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LMSA works to create awareness of legislation and policies affecting our community on local and national levels.
Why is policy important for LMSA:
  • Latinos are historically excluded from policy conversations and negotiations. We must take advantage of our privilege as physicians to advocate for ourselves and our patients.

  • All policy affects health; environmental policy (access to green spaces, pollution of our air/water), health policy (who qualifies for public insurance, regulations on insurance companies), transportation policy (public transportation to get to work/clinic appointments), labor policy (safe work environment, sick days, employer insurance plan), civil rights (right to vote, right to freedom), education policy (barriers to higher education, barriers to medical school) etc.

LMSA West Policy Events

Learn more here about LMSA West current and future policy events and learn how to get involved. Applications for our 2022-2023 policy committee are closed, sign tp to our newsletter to learn when applications open again. 

Questions? Contact for more information.


Voter registration

Contact your local chapter to learn more hoe to be part of this campaign that will allow us to ... 


Day of

Contact your local chapter to learn more hoe to be part of this campaign where we aim to send letters to Politicians and provide Community Service.


Afro-Latinx advocacy

2021-2022 year focused on Afro-Latinx advocacy and we passed a resolution titled Afro-Latinx Representation at the LMSA National Policy Summit


Media Relations 101

LMSA held a workshop titled Media Relations 101 with Dr. Ilan Shapiro where attendees learned the importance of physicians interacting with our patients through media and the power of advocacy through social media.

How to Get Involved

Register patients to vote with your LMSA chapter. Find here a list of all current chapters.

Join the LMSA West Policy Committee. Sign up to our newsletter to learn when applications open again.

Educate yourself on policies in your community

Partner with current physician advocates who have policy experience.

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