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What We Do

LMSA provides support mentorship and economic support to individuals in the healthcare professions serving Latinos & medically underserved populations. Learn more about what we do and how we can support you.  

Learn more here about our programs and how you can get involved.



Counseling and mentoring to pair pre-medical students with medical students.

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Support the next generation of Latinx students who are pursuing the healthcare field. 



Financial support, resources, and special events for chapter members. 

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Create awareness of legislation and policies affecting our communities.

Mentorship for pre-medical students to guide them through the process of enrollment in college and/or medical school.

Mentees have access to:

  • A dynamic group of Latino students that are familiar with the challenges of enrollment in college and/or medical school.

  • Assistance with the intricacies of the medical school application process, curriculum planning, interviews, and MCAT preparation.

  • Community service opportunities: Health fairs and Community outreach programs.

  • Notification of scholarship programs, chapter meetings, and the annual conference addressing issues specific to pre-medical and the Latino community at large.


Questions? Contact for more information.

Looking for mentorship? Get access to our mentorship services and get paired with a mentor. You don't need to be an LMSA member to access mentorship opportunities or events. 

LMSA is proud to support the next generation of Latinx students pursuing the healthcare field.

Find here a list of all current scholarships and learn more about eligibility and how to apply. Click Here to visit our Scholarship Database and fill out this form to let us know of any other scholarship opportunities.

If you are interested in funding one of our scholarships, please contact us at


As a first-generation Hispanic, doctor visits were a luxury. There was no available insurance for my parents, which strayed them away from medical care. When they did have the opportunity to seek medical attention, no one was able to help them. My inspiration and dedication came from not only my parents but those who are unable to reach medical professionals. I will continue my education to eliminate such barriers and make it more accessible for the underserved communities."

LMSA Scholarship recipient

LMSA West runs various campaigns annually to create awareness of legislation and policies affecting our community on local and national levels.

Why is policy important for LMSA:

  • Latinos are historically excluded from policy conversations and negotiations. 

  • All policy affects health; environmental policy, health policy, transportation policy, labor policy, civil rights, education policy, etc... 

Questions? Contact for more information.

Advocacy Anchor

Become a LMSA Member

By joining, you will be a part of a network of thousands of trainees and professionals committed to improving the landscape of health for the Hispanic and other communities of color in the United States.


 Learn more here about the benefits of becoming an LMSA member. 

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